Cheap Household Essentials

If the meteoric rise of Instagram cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch is anything to go by, it seems cleaning is akin to the new rock and roll among house-proud people across the country.

If Mrs Hinch is the lead singer of the band and her loyal followers the groupies, then the very cleaning products themselves are the cherished songs and the lyrics, feverishly evangelised on Facebook and Instagram to those who will listen.

Many of these products are must-haves when it comes to household cleaning and because we don’t want you to miss out on them, we’ve outlined a list of the household essentials that you need, and all at our brilliant prices.

Running your home and buying cleaning products on a budget has never been easier, either individually or in bulk.  


Zoflora has become legendary as the go-to disinfectant for the home, offering the perfect balance between germ-killing power, freshness and price. This 120ml concentrated disinfectant is diluted with water depending on the job at hand, and comes in a variety of floral fragrances. Consider bouquet, linen fresh, lavender and country garden aromas for your home.

You can also pick-up a Zoflora assorted pack-of-12 Zoflora for just £13.99. Discover more about this great bundle here.

If you need to shop for cheap household disinfectant then head over to the disinfectants page at FabFinds and browse more bargain household essentials.

Surface cleaners

Whether you need a kitchen, bathroom or multipurpose cleaner, there’s a type just for you at FabFinds. Prefer the ease and precision of a trigger spray? No problem. Want your cleaning smelling lemony or pine fresh afterwards? That’s cool, there's all sorts of great fragrances on offer.

Stock-up on bargain-priced, versatile surface cleaners like Stardrops, The Pink Stuff, Dettol, Cif, Glow and many, many more here at FabFinds.

Toilet cleaners

When it comes to cleaning your toilet we recommend a good all-rounder like Domestos Extended Germ Kill. It comes in a variety of fragrances for specific tastes, provides long-lasting protection and comes in a useful 750ml-sized bottle.

If your toilet needs a bit more attention, for example if it suffers from some major lime scale build-up or the bowl needs whitening, then some very worthy recommendations include: Harpic Limescale Remover and Harpic White & Shine.

A comprehensive range of toilet cleaners as well as a variety of rim blocks can be discovered here.

Air Fresheners

You can keep you home feeling ‘homely’ and smelling gorgeous and fresh by choosing the perfect air freshener. Whether you’re after a candle, plug-in or spray, there’s lots of options across a variety of price points. FabFinds sells popular brands such as Glade, Air Wick and Neutradol. Search the range and find the best scent for your home so its always coming up smelling of roses – sometimes, quite literally.

Remember, when it comes to buying cheap household essentials, think FabFinds.