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If the meteoric rise of Instagram cleaning sensation Mrs. Hinch is anything to go by, it seems cleaning is akin to the new rock and roll among house-proud people across the country.

If Mrs. Hinch is the lead singer of the band and her loyal followers the groupies, then the very cleaning products themselves are the cherished songs and the lyrics, feverishly evangelised on Facebook and Instagram to those who will listen.

Many of these products are must-haves when it comes to household cleaning. And because we don’t want you to miss out on them, we’ve outlined a list of must-have household items for you, and all at our brilliant prices.

Running your home and buying cleaning products on a budget has never been easier, either individually or in bulk.  


Zoflora has become legendary as the go-to disinfectant for the home. Offering the perfect balance between germ-killing power and freshness, and all at great prices, it’s hard not to see why.

A 120ml bottle of concentrated disinfectant is diluted with water at a ratio depending on the cleaning task:

  • Mop & Bucket – 4 capfuls in 1.5 litres of water
  • Cloth & Bucket – 4 capfuls in 1.5 litres of water
  • Trigger spray – 1.5 capfuls in a standard trigger spray bottle of water
  • Undiluted - 1 capful neat down drains, on toilet brushes etc

Zoflora offers a range of fragrances for fill your home with freshness. Why not head on over to our Zoflora page and discover your favourite today?

You can also pick-up a Zoflora assorted bundle of 12 for just £14.99. Discover more cleaning bundles at great prices at FabFinds. 

Fabulosa disinfectants come in a range of options, from 220ml bottles of concentrated disinfectant to 500ml bottles of anti-bacterial trigger sprays.

Furnished with a huge range of scents to suit every taste, why not pick up your favourite bundle of Fabulosa and get those marigolds ready?

For cheap household disinfectant then head over to our disinfectants range and browse more bargain household essentials.

Surface cleaners

Whether you need a kitchen, bathroom or multipurpose cleaner, there’s a type just for you at FabFinds.

Prefer the ease and precision of a trigger spray?

No problem. We’ve got multipurpose trigger sprays coming out of our ears at FabFinds. Our customers love Elbow Grease at the moment for its extreme versatility in every area of the house, including fabrics!

What about surface wipes?

We’ve got loads! Great for a quick freshen up before guests arrive, and for an instant response time for spill duty. Check out our selection of multipurpose wipes.

Want the zesty scent of lemon or pine freshness to flow through the rooms after your hard work?

We have all sorts of great fragrances on offer.

Stock-up on bargain-priced, versatile surface cleaners like Stardrops, The Pink Stuff, Dettol, Cif, Glow and many, many more at FabFinds.

Toilet cleaners

When it comes to cleaning your toilet, we recommend a good all-rounder like Domestos Extended Germ Kill. It comes in a variety of fragrances for specific tastes, provides long-lasting protection and comes in a useful 750ml-sized bottle.

If your toilet needs a bit more attention, limescale getting you down, or if your toilet bowl is in need of some serious gleam, then we recommend: 

Harpic Limescale Remover for a powerful clean that’s five times stronger than bleach. Ideal for limescale, it breezes through build-up like it’s walking to work.

For a toilet bowl that’s whiter than white, try Bloo Toilet Gel with micro shine scrubbing particles to get that gleam back.

After that powerful clean, add a good rim block to keep the freshness in, and the limescale and odour out.

We’ve got a selection of affordable brands and styles to choose from on our toilet cleaners range.

Air Fresheners

You can keep you home feeling cosy and smelling gorgeous by choosing the perfect air freshener. Whether you’re after a candle, plug-in or spray, there’s lots of options to choose from at FabFinds.

We sell popular brands like GladeAir Wick and Neutradol, and we also stock wax melts and reed diffusers.

Browse our range of delightful home fragrances and find the best scents and products to suit your home.

Our Brands

We stock a huge selection of your favourite brands to keep the best in cheap cleaning products for our customers.

A large portion of our household products come from UK companies, such as StarBrands Ltd, who produce Stardrops, The White Stuff, Clean-ology and more.

Zoflora has been a British institution for almost a century, and Fabulosa is produced in Crewe.

We work hard to build strong and direct relationships with suppliers, to ensure we get the best products at great prices, so we can pass those savings onto you.

Household Extras

We don’t want to go on about all the cleaning products we supply, and miss out the little things that never get any credit.

Cloths and dusters, bins bags and toilet roll. Where would we be without them…?

What a terrible image!

We stock a variety of cleaning cloths and accessories, to scrub the dirt away and furnish your bathroom.

Our favourite washing cloths are Scrub Daddy textured sponges and kitchen buddy pads.

We’ve also got a great deal on 24 rolls of Cusheen toilet paper!

And Finally

Why not take a look at our home storage? We stock all kinds of baskets and storage boxes to help you keep all those cleaning products neat and tidy.

Our range also includes shelving and storage chests, to get all the kid’s stuff off the floor and away. Out of sight, out of mind.

Why not head over and have a look? You might find something you never knew you needed.

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Send us a message, and have a chat, we’d love to hear from you and any cleaning tips you might have for us.



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