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Ethical & Sustainable Cleaning Tips


Ethical & Sustainable Cleaning Tips

We all know that our everyday habits could be having a major impact on the environment and animals. No one is perfect, but with more sustainable and ethical cleaning choices, you can help to lessen your impact. Government statistics showed that in 2019, 3.3 million animals were used in animal experiments. This unfortunately means that for every one minute that passed during 2019, seven animals died due to testing. 

There is a 2015, UK Government ban on the testing of household products on animals. However, this policy only applied to the finished product testing, and did not include the supply chains of the product. Therefore product testing on animals is still at large and something that we should strive to avoid everyday.

Do your research!

Not supporting animal cruelty is all about becoming a conscious consumer. This means it’s a great idea to research your most well-used brands before your next cleaning shopping spree. Best-selling brands such as Fabulosa are well-known for being cruelty free and vegan, so this shows that you don’t need to pass on quality or break the bank in order to make more ethical choices. With everything from kitchen, bathroom, and glass sprays to concentrated disinfectants; Fabulosa have everything you need in order to get your home sparkling clean – with no added guilt! Other brands which use absolutely no animal testing include 1001 Carpet Care, Stardrops, Zoflora, and Astonish.

Online tools such as Naturewatch Foundation and Compassionate Shopping guide can make it easy to check whether the brands you are buying are operating without harming animals.

Stay away from toxic chemicals – the more natural the better

Using unnatural and toxic products can have an impact both on you and the environment. Too many cleaners are formulated with petrochemicals from the oil industry and include unnecessary antibacterial chemicals and synthetic fragrances. Look out for ingredients such as palm oil, which is largely responsible for mass deforestation and serious violations of human rights. So how can you make green cleaning a priority?

In an ideal world, we would all have the time to make our own cleaning products from natural and organic ingredients at home. Read more about how to use natural resources like bicarbonate of soda and lemon juice as effective toilet and bathroom cleaners here. White vinegar can also be an effective cleaner for mircowaves, windows, as well as a terrific natural stain remover.You can even learn how to make your own natural window cleaner, washing up liquid, multipurpose cleaner, and natural toilet cleaner here.

What should you look out for on your next cleaning shop?

We know that this homemade option is not feasible for everyone. Luckily there are now a wide range of cleaning brands which offer natural, plant-based ingredients and non-toxic products which won't play havoc on sensitive skin. Opting for fragrance free or water-based purpose cleaners can also reduce irritations. These more natural cleaning products will help you to avoid bringing harsh chemicals into your home – or releasing them into the wider environment.

  • From Star Drops, The Pink Stuff range is made of 99% natural ingredients, is environmentally non-toxic, and non-hazardous.
  • The Clean-Ology multipurpose sprays also offer eco-friendly, natural ingredients that are sourced from essential oils - so there are many options out there for surface cleaners.
  • Dri-Pak offer clean and natural Bicarbonate of Soda which is a multi-purpose essential household cleaner. Their Dri Pak Pure White Vinegar Cleaning Spray 500ml is also a great alternative to toxic cleaning sprays which can be used for grease and grime on kitchen surfaces, windows, and even kettles.
  • You can even make your laundry day greener by choosing plant-based, biodegradable detergents and fabric softeners - such as this Ecover Liquid Non-Bio Laundry Detergent. Ecover is vegan friendly brand that follows green science and stays away from harmful chemicals. Ecover's bottles are made of 100% recycled clean plastic which can be refilled at various stations. Amazingly, Ecover's factories are also Zero Waste certified - so a staggering 98.1% of their factory waste does not end up in landfill. 

Reduce the waste!

Reducing your waste is easily achieved by investing in reusable products that you will not have to instantly throw away.

  • Instead of reaching for a single-use cleaning wipe, a much better option would be to grab a wash-able microfibre cloth or sponge to deal with spillages, dirt and grime. After using this cloth or sponge, you can simply throw it into the washing machine and use it to scrub again.
  • Single use plastic should also be avoided. Opting for recyclable bottles or refillable packaging options in your products also means that you can reduce the plastic waste that your household produces.



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