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Get the best cleaning products for the spring 'Big Clean'

Domestic cleaning products essentials

It’s never too early to prepare for that much-needed spring clean. Tackling all those cleaning tasks that have built-up over the year can be a depressing thought.

But whether it’s getting to work on limescale or removing soap scum and stains in the bathroom and on walls, there’s plenty of products available for every cleaning need.

At FabFinds, we’ve consulted our cleaning elves to put together a list of cleaning products to use for each cleaning task throughout the home.

There’s also a few extras we managed to squeeze out of them. Read on for our Big Clean cleaning kit essentials.

The Pink Stuff

First off, we couldn’t do a blog about cleaning without mentioning Stardrops’ The Pink Stuff – AGAIN. But we absolutely love the stuff, and we’re pretty sure the rest of you do, too.

This cleaning paste has become legendary thanks to its powerful cleaning properties. Youtuber, Mrs. Hinch loves the flexibility of The Pink Stuff, and uses it all over her home.

It is a product that can be used on practically anything (with many outside uses, too.) You can find in-depth advice on how and where to use The Pink Stuff here.


To give your bathroom a full once-over you want a line-up of cleaners you can rely on. Specifically, heavy-duty limescale removers such as Limelite will get to work on tough limescale around your tap fittings and on the shower head.

We recommend leaving the spray on for 10-15 minutes to soak into the limescale. And then, with a strong microfiber cloth or sponge, wipe thoroughly to take away the limescale.

If there’s some serious build-up, you may need a couple of treatments to completely clean it all away.

Then choose one from the variety of bathroom spray cleaners available on the market, to bring taps, fittings and shower heads to a sparkling shine.

Get rid of dirt, grime and stains to bring a sparkling sheen to your bath, work surfaces and everything else too. We recommend products like:

Leave them to soak for 10-15 minutes and you’ll be rewarded for your patience.

For stainless steel radiators, try Glow’s stainless steel cleaner. It lifts dirt and dust build-up easily, and buffs away for a perfect, mark-free surface.

They say a bathroom can only ever feel as clean and pristine as your loo. So keeping your throne the picture of bright and porcelain beauty is a must.

Popular brands of toilet cleaners such as Domestos, Harpic and Toilet Duck offer powerful cleaning and stain removal action. Specifically these products offer limescale removal to remove any grot and brighten toilets.

The addition of a rim block makes sure that the sparkle and freshness of your toilet bowl is maintained in between cleaning, every time you flush.  

Living Room

Make your living room a place where all the family wants to be by making it cosy, spotless and dust-free.

Sparkling, dustless furniture keeps your living quarters looking classy, with brands such as Mr Sheen, Mr Muscle and Pledge offering a great level of furniture-dusting and protection.

For upholstery and fabrics on your sofas, armchairs and curtains, there’s Wizz Fabric Freshener and 1001 for general freshening and cleaning. 

Stain removers such as Ace, Wizz, Oxi and Vanish tackle any stains that have accumulated on fabrics. They’re easy to use and quick to dry, making stain removal a breeze.

Don’t forget to bring your carpets and rugs back to life. Remove pet hair and built up odours with some of the best carpet cleaning products.

Carpet shampoos that work well with vacuum cleaners, such as:

  • Vanish;
  • 1001;
  • Astonish

These get straight to the dirt. If you prefer, there’s always powder and foam variants, such as:

  • Neutradol;
  • Wizz;
  • Oxi;
  • Vanish carpet powders.

These freshen up your carpets and bring an uplifting scent to your living space.


Keeping your kitchen hygienically clean and ready for action is easy with some essential cleaning supplies for your cleaning tool kit.

When it comes to kitchen cleaning solutions, we suggest having a combination of surface cleaners, like Stardrops Kitchen Spray and Astonish. Anti-bacterial sprays for cutting boards and food prep areas are also a must.

Sprays with added bleach and multi-purpose cleaners are essential to remove bacteria and germs. While surface wipes and anti-bacterial wipes are a quick and versatile product to quickly mop-up dirt and mess as soon as it happens, leaving a streak free, shiny kitchen you can be proud of.

We love Flash and Dettol antibacterial floor wipes to sort out spillages or pet accidents instantly for squeaky clean perfection.

For the floor, use disinfectants or floor cleaners such as Astonish and Zoflora for the major clean.

Zoflora in particular has a wide range of uses. It can be diluted in buckets and basins for surface and floor cleaning. But our favourite trick is to include a capful of your favourite Zoflora in your washing machine.

A perfect solution to stinky football kits or pet beds, Zoflora’s anti-bacterial action works alongside your laundry detergent for a thorough removal of nasty bacteria. It smells great too.  

Let’s not forget windows. There’s a lot of advice out there on window cleaning. If you’d rather use a branded window cleaner, we love Fabulosa’s Watermelon Glass Cleaner in trigger spray bottles and Clean-ology Glass and Window cleaner.

For natural glass cleaning however, our Grans all swear by a 1:5 mix of white vinegar applied liberally to windows with a microfiber cloth. Then buff each pane with a sheet of scrunched up newspaper for a lovely streak free shine. The newspapers can still be recycled for an eco-friendly option.

We hope this helps to soften the blow of the impending Big Clean. If you’ve got any favourite products or tricks we’ve missed here, why not get in touch and let us know.

We’d love to hear from you, and you can follow us on Instagram and Facebook and have a chat on there.

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So get a head start on your household cleaning and stock-up at FabFinds today.





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